Our activity is extend in a lot of services than only restorations, among which designing  of restoration , research for knowledge of the property.  In particular, on demanding, we can do:  

  • Inspections for examine the conservation and degrade of decorated surfaces and artworks, including of  technic and descriptive report and drafting of thematic graphic designs. 
  • Stratigraphic tests for existence of original colors or ancient surfaces to discover, including of the  technic – descriptive report and the  concerning  graphic designs for location of  done tests. 
  • Research historic, archivist en bibliography for the  knowledge of propertys, of its story and its conservative vicissitudes during the time.
  • Advice for private administrative practices for permissions or state contributes for the classified historic buildings 
  • Restoration designing of artworks and decorated surfaces for private   sponsorships or tax benefits like Art Bonus
  • Hypothetical virtual drafting for aesthetic integration of difficult elements with   digital elaboration.
  • Disinfestation and disinfection from woodworms and mildews of furniture, paintings, ancient books in hypobaric chamber.  
  • Climatic monitoring of places with artworks or decorated surfaces by the installation of data logger. 
  • Diagnostic searches with optic microscope, I.R., U.V. and analysis of executive technic of artworks; authenticity estimate and technic valuation of ones.
  • Planned and extraordinary maintenance of artworks and private collections, including  the cataloguing and drafting of inventories.
  • Service of artworks’ deposit in a climate-controlled room with a constant temperature / humidity 
  • Drafting of condition reports for artworks before their exposition during exibitions 
  • Packaging and assistance with the transport  and handling of public or  individual property’s artworks. 
  • Execution of casts and copies of stone arteworks anf architettonic decorative elements, sometimes for the  integration of missing parts. 
  • Cataloging of movable properties and artworks  Cataloging and digitalization of photographic collections  and relative drafting of inventory lists 
  • Teaching and internships in worksite and laboratory. Designing of didactic courses for preservation of cultural heritage. 

Moreover, we offer our experience like partners about research projects of elaboration/experimentation , methodology and technology  for application of new products on cultural heritage.

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